Downtown Sketcher available at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Gift Shop

A curated collection now available at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Another exciting development, my prints, cards, and magnets have found a prestigious new home at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia (AGNS). This collaboration brings together the charm of urban sketches and the rich artistic heritage of Nova Scotia.

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, located in the heart of Halifax, is the largest art museum in Atlantic Canada. It houses an impressive permanent collection of over 18,000 works, showcasing the vibrant artistic legacy of Nova Scotia and the Atlantic region. Visitors can explore a diverse range of art, from historical pieces to contemporary works, including paintings, sculptures, and folk art.

A curated collection, now available at the AGNS Gift Shop, features intricate and energetic sketches of iconic Canadian landmarks, storefronts, and cityscapes. From the historic Clock Tower in Halifax to the picturesque Peggy's Cove Lighthouse, these artworks capture the essence of Nova Scotia's urban and coastal beauty. The prints, greeting cards, and magnets offer art enthusiasts and tourists alike a unique way to take home a piece of Nova Scotia's charm.

Being featured alongside renowned artists in the AGNS is a tremendous honour and it highlights the gallery's commitment to supporting and promoting local artists. Whether you're a long-time resident of Nova Scotia or a visitor exploring the region's rich culture, my prints, cards, and magnets offer a delightful way to commemorate your experience and support local art.
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