Collection: Halifax & Dartmouth Greeting Cards

Halifax and Dartmouth, situated on the eastern shore of Nova Scotia, form a dynamic urban region that beautifully combines historical significance with modern vibrancy. These twin cities are connected by the stunning Angus L. Macdonald and A. Murray MacKay suspension bridges, creating a lively metropolitan area with a rich cultural tapestry.

Halifax, the provincial capital, boasts a history deeply intertwined with maritime trade and military presence. Founded in 1749, the city has witnessed pivotal moments such as the sinking of the Titanic and the Halifax Explosion during World War I. The Halifax Citadel, a star-shaped fortress atop Citadel Hill, stands as a testament to the city's military past, offering panoramic views of the harbor. The waterfront, lined with historic buildings and modern attractions, invites both locals and visitors to explore its diverse shops, restaurants, and the engaging Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.

Dartmouth, Halifax's neighbor across the harbor, has its own rich history dating back to the 18th century. The town played a significant role in shipbuilding and was a key industrial center. Today, Dartmouth exudes a more relaxed atmosphere, characterized by its charming neighborhoods, parks, and historic sites such as the Quaker House and Evergreen House.

The two cities collaborate to host the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo, an annual event that brings together military displays, cultural performances, and world-class entertainment. This extravaganza attracts spectators from across the globe, showcasing the enduring ties between Halifax and its military heritage. Halifax and Dartmouth are not just urban centers but gateways to the natural beauty of Nova Scotia. Parks like Point Pleasant Park and Shubie Park offer green spaces for recreation, while the nearby Peggy's Cove and the scenic Cabot Trail beckon those seeking outdoor adventures.