Coastal Cove Candles

Coastal Cove Candles

I'm excited to announce that I have granted an artwork license to Coastal Cove Candles. This collaboration brings together my urban sketches with the enchanting ambiance of Coastal Cove Candles' unique creations.

A set of curated artwork will be featured on Coastal Cove Candles' distinctive collection of soy wax candles that will a touch of artistic flair to every space they illuminate. The chosen artwork captures the essence of urban charm, seamlessly blending with the coastal vibes that Coastal Cove Candles embodies. 

Coastal Cove Candles takes pride in offering handcrafted candles that evoke tranquility and serenity, and this partnership with Downtown Sketcher further elevates their commitment to aesthetics and authenticity. With this unique artwork license, both brands invite you to infuse your surroundings with the mesmerizing allure of art and fragrance, creating moments of solace and inspiration in the gentle glow of a Coastal Cove Candle.

See them at the Saltyard Pop Can Event at the Halifax Harbour,  online
or at Coastal Cove Candles' shop in Dartmouth.

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