Joining the Contemporary Art Society of Nova Scotia

Joining the Contemporary Art Society of Nova Scotia


Exciting news, I've just become a member of the Contemporary Art Nova Scotia (CANS). 


The Contemporary Art Nova Scotia is a dynamic organization committed to fostering artistic excellence and supporting contemporary artists in Nova Scotia, Canada. With a focus on promoting creativity, cultural diversity, and community engagement, CANS plays a vital role in the province's vibrant art scene.

By bringing together emerging and established artists, CANS provides a platform for showcasing diverse artistic expressions and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Through exhibitions, workshops, and community outreach programs, CANS actively contributes to the cultural fabric of Nova Scotia, inspiring a deeper appreciation for the arts.

Joining the Society will expose me to a rich tapestry of art exhibitions, workshops, and events that will help reach new audiences and inspire dialogue.

I'm excited to join the organization's already impressive roster of artists and looking forward become immersed in the local art scene. I'm looking forward to celebrate this partnership's potential to further enrich our cultural local landscape.


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