Exhibition at the Art Gallery Lunenburg

Exhibition at the Art Gallery Lunenburg

I recently had the incredible opportunity to be part of a highly regarded The Shore art show, held in the picturesque town of Lunenburg. This show showcases the works of talented artists from all around, and I am honored to have been included in such a prestigious event.

Lunenburg, with its vibrant art scene and rich maritime history, was the perfect backdrop for The Shore show. Known for its colorful waterfront, charming 18th-century architecture, and UNESCO World Heritage designation, Lunenburg provided a visually stunning setting for artists to showcase their creations.

My participation in the Lunenburg Art Gallery's show allowed me to present my unique perspective as a downtown sketch artist. Through my sketches, I strive to capture the essence of bustling city life, the energy of urban landscapes, and the intricacies of architectural details. 

The show is on till the end of July at The Lunenburg Art Gallery.

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