Downtown Sketcher, Wynand van Niekerk exhibiting at The Dart Gallery 2023 Monochrome Exhibition

I'll be exhibiting at The Dart Gallery Monochrome Exhibition

So excited! My first Gallery exhibition!

join the crowd at The Dart GalleryApril 27th at 7pm. I'm participation in the  2023 Monochrome Exhibition on until May 10th.

I've submitted 
three monochrome sketches that depicts Halifax @ Work

My first sketch, Fairview Cove Container Terminal, captures the bustling Port where import and export activities fuel Canada's economy. My second sketch, Purdy's Wharf, conveys the famous downtown tower greeting you at the end of your boardwalk stroll. My third sketch is of Tufts Cove Generating Station, depicting the famous power station powering our daily lives

Whether you're a fan of art, architecture, or just looking for a unique experience, this exhibition has something for everyone. I hope to see you there!


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