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On the shelves at Dalhousie University Bookstore

I'm thrilled to announce that I've recently completed a captivating small collection featuring iconic buildings from Dalhousie University. This collection showcases the architectural beauty of the Henry Hicks Building, Forrest Building, Howe Hall, and Cumming Hall in Truro.

Dalhousie Bookstore Debut

The collection has made its debut on the shelves of the prestigious Dalhousie Bookstore located in the heart of Halifax. Art enthusiasts and Dalhousie alumni can now proudly display their love for the university through my vibrant totes, stunning prints, and eye-catching cards.

Celebrate Dalhousie's Legacy

These unique pieces not only capture the essence of Dalhousie's rich history but also serve as a testament to the university's enduring legacy. Whether you're a current student, an alumnus, or simply an admirer of architectural marvels, this collection offers a perfect opportunity to showcase your affinity for Dalhousie.

Visit the Dalhousie Bookstore

I invite you to visit the Dalhousie Bookstore and immerse yourself in the captivating world of art and university pride. Explore the collection, and let these pieces inspire you to celebrate the remarkable journey of Dalhousie University.


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