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Prints and Cards available at Fae Curio Artisanal Collective

Downtown Sketcher's charming collection of cards and prints has found an exciting new showcase at Fae Curio Artisanal Collective. This collaboration brings together two entities dedicated to celebrating local artistry and craftsmanship.

Fae Curio Artisanal Collective, a hub for local artists, provides a perfect platform for my creations. With its focus on handmade, small-batch items from over 60 different local artists, Fae Curio offers a diverse range of products including baked goods, stickers, art prints, and now, Downtown Sketcher's cards and prints.

Visitors to Fae Curio can now browse and purchase Downtown Sketcher's greeting cards, which feature popular Nova Scotia and Cape Breton scenes such as the Canso Causeway, the Baddeck Waterfront, and the iconic Kidston Lighthouse in Baddeck. These cards, printed on high-quality 100g paper stock, come with kraft envelopes and are blank inside, perfect for personal messages.

In addition to greeting cards, art enthusiasts can also find Downtown Sketcher's prints at Fae Curio. These prints showcase a wider range of the artist's work, from detailed cityscapes to charming local landmarks, allowing customers to bring a piece of Nova Scotia's beauty into their homes.

This collaboration between Downtown Sketcher and Fae Curio Artisanal Collective not only provides art lovers with easy access to these captivating works but also supports the local art community. It's an excellent opportunity for residents and visitors alike to discover and own a piece of Nova Scotia's artistic interpretation of its urban and coastal landscapes.
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