Tools I use

A Sketch Artist's Arsenal: Discovering the Tools of Wynand van Niekerk's Trade

At the heart of my art are the tools I use to bring my vision to life. Each of my sketches is made with the utmost care and attention to detail, using a variety of materials that allow me to express myself in new and exciting ways.

One of my go-to tools is the Copic Sketch marker, a flexible and versatile graphic marker that allows me to achieve stunning blend effects with the highest grade of alcohol and dye-based inks. With 358 colors to choose from, I can easily navigate the spectrum and create perfect blends and color schemes to suit my artistic vision.

But my skills go beyond the tools I use. As a master of the urban landscape, I rely on my expertise and experience to create works that are both beautiful and captivating. My Super Brush and Medium Broad tips allow me to shade, blend, and cover with precision and artistry, while my knowledge of color theory and composition give me the ability to make each piece unique and powerful.

When it comes to paper, I turn to Moleskine Sketchbooks, the perfect portable canvas for my sketches. With premium sketch-grade paper that supports a selection of artistic media, I can create intricate and detailed pieces that stand up to eraser use and grow into an archive of my art. These sketchbooks allow me to take my art on the go, capturing the beauty of the city in every sketch.

But at the end of the day, it is not the tools that make the art; it is the artist. My skills and passion are what drive me to create pieces that capture the soul of the city and inspire others to see the world around them in a new light. With each sketch, I strive to create something that is not just beautiful, but truly transformative – a reflection of the urban landscape and the artistry that lies within it.